Our foundation is our cadres

The main advantage of our company are experienced specialists and outstanding achievements in the field of research.

Wide range of services

We are ready to help the many-sided promotion of your company to the next level. We offer a wide range of services in software development: from simple web-sites to business applications. Our experience in designing of software covers many available platforms and a enormous number of technologies.

Competitive prices

The pricing policy of our company has several advantages that distinguish us from our competitors. Obviously, one of the main reasons for the transmission of the project for development of software is an outsourcing: the ability to reduce product costs. We offer an affordable solution to our customers that helps them to save up to 75% of project costs. Providing of services of software production, we are able to make them not only affordable, but at the same time gathering the qualified professionals in the IT sector for the most appropriate solution of assigned tasks. Whatever kind of software you order whether it is simple web-site or a complex business application: we can build a development process so that your perposes will be achieved with a reasonable budget.


We are a small company, well then it is easy to work with us. The concept of "corporate bureaucracy" inherent in many large companies is unfamiliar to our employees. Our office is a place where technical competence is interwoven with a hard management. Advantages of workflow in our company recognized by the members of the development team. We appreciate every moment and act in order to achieve concrete results.

Quality of services

High quality is an important part of our business process to ensure the supply of reliable solutions for our customers, including a schedule and budget requirements. We believe that high quality is the key element for service supplying and do everything possible to the concept of "quality" has become tangible and measurable. Therefore, we are constantly improving the design procedure, development and software testing by evaluating of our achievements and applying the necessary measures to improve the quality models and methods of quality management.


Office application that controls database of engineering company
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Software for diagnostic system of building constructions of Khmelnytska NPP (Ukraine)
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Software for control of the database of text and graphic information based on the results of additional studies of seismic and seismotectonic conditions of Zaporizhzhya NPP site (Ukraine).
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The software product "Database PE "Baricenter" (Dnipro, Ukraine) is designed for storage and use of data about contractual relationships, building expenses and other information about documents circulation of the enterprise. This software product accelerates and automatizes the work of individual departments of PE "Barycenter".
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