The software product "Database PE "Baricenter" (Dnipro, Ukraine) is designed for storage and use of data about contractual relationships, building expenses and other information about documents circulation of the enterprise. This software product accelerates and automatizes the work of individual departments of PE "Barycenter".

The data is stored in a database connected to the relational database management system Microsoft SQL Server 2014. The program provides an appropriate graphical user interface with an intuitive system, access to the tools (modules):

• Logging of information about current expenses and prepayment for the materials (services).
• Stock-taking of receipts and expenditure of materials of all construction projects, preparation of relevant reports on user’s demend.
• Logging of incoming / outgoing messages.
• Database maintenance of contractual relationships for each project (contracts, estimates, certificates) with access to the appropriate files generated on the PC (server).
• Accounting of wages and material consumption for each type of work during the project for forming of completion certificates for the required period.
• Accounting of cash resources for office maintenance (public utilities, Internet, telephone, etc.).

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